The Liberty server, originally launched on November 1st, 2015. A 4k x 4k map with robust infrastructure that is perfect for players new to Wurm Unlimited.

Mapping URL Base:

Community Event: Halloween

It's time for Halloween! Everyone is invited to join the village of Thorp on Liberty for a spooky Halloween eve. Our village elder will lead you around the village for some nice wholesome, not scary Halloween fun. We should be safe as long as the mayor doesn't look out his window and see the villagers enjoying themselves... Come for the treats, stay for the tricks!

Meeting Point

Host: Klarseth

GM: Wreck

WE HAVE A STRICT ANTI WAGON POLICY #getyourwagonoutofmyface

First rift!

It seems that the first red beam has finally popped up on the server and we will soon be ready to beat up foul Jackal beasts and collect some sweet rift loots!

So, what will you need to know to participate?

First of all, rifts can be opened 48 hours after they spawn, giving all players some time to prepare for it. This means that we can open this rift at the event time. (All next rifts will be scheduled randomly, which means they may appear on less convenient times)