First rift!

Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 20:00

It seems that the first red beam has finally popped up on the server and we will soon be ready to beat up foul Jackal beasts and collect some sweet rift loots!

So, what will you need to know to participate?

First of all, rifts can be opened 48 hours after they spawn, giving all players some time to prepare for it. This means that we can open this rift at the event time. (All next rifts will be scheduled randomly, which means they may appear on less convenient times)

Each rift will take place in one of the rift zones that are currently on the map (they will not happen outside these zones, so no worries about backyard rifts). The current rift has spawned at Ivan's Folly, to where the red beam leads.

Since this is our first rift, we don't really have any rules yet, but please keep your wagons outside the zone. It will probably get chaotic enough inside the rift zone already.  [:)]  (do I still need to say #getyourwagonoutofmyface?)

Oh, and if anyone has some source salt laying around, feel free to bring it with you. We might need it.