Free Starter Deeds

On Sklotopolis you get a free deed that is up to 4s worth of space, or 9x9x10x10 w/ 2 guards. In order to setup your free deed, use your Deed Stake, from your inventory. Setting up may be tricky at first, the easiest size to maximize space is 9x9x10x10 (North South East West). Next Screen Is Perimeter, You want to make sure the Perimeter is set to 0. (5 tiles are automatically free... Found a 9 x 9 x 10 x 10 deed with two Guards for free.


Embalming is the action of turning a corpse into an embalmed corpse with beeswax, greatly reducing it's decay. Embalming will consume 0.10kg of wax. To embalm a corpse, all items must be removed from the corpse and it must not be butchered. Corpses of unique creatures are an exception and can only be embalmed when they are butchered. Unlike a normal corpse, an embalmed corpse can also be repaired... Reduce decay on any corpse and keep it on display. Show your trophies!

Monster Rifts

Fight off monsters and collect as much loot as you can before the rift closes.

Improved Storage

Increased Storage Space There are several storage containers that have had their storage space increased to help out our players. You can find the list of containers below along with their storage multiplier. Small Crate (2x) Large Crate (2x) Toggleable Bulk Sorting Bulk containers on Sklotopolis have the option to sort items by quality (items are categorized into groups of 10ql). By default,... We have made some custom changes to storage items to make life easier.


Basics: New Toons start with:20 in all skills & 21 BC to ride horses, 30ql Leather Armor, Long Sword & Shield Pelt, 4 ropes, waterskin, pendulum, compass, sickle, hand mirror +Normal starting tools and equipment (all ql30) GM’s can change gender on very fresh accounts if asked via /support (NO CHANGES FOR OLD PLAYERS) New players now receive quite a good bunch of karma on first login.... A general overview of all the features on the Sklotopolis servers.

5 x Skill Gain

Become part of a tight knit community faster by gaining skill 5 times faster.

Multiple Worlds

Join the long standing Liberty world or the newly formed Novus world.

Livemapping of Worlds

Find your way around Novus or Liberty by using our convenient map system.

No Deed Upkeep

Found a free deed, never worry about upkeep, all deeds have no upkeep.

Earn Coin by Voting

Every vote by a player through our link will pay out 15 copper, vote daily!