The Liberty server, originally launched on November 1st, 2015. A 4k x 4k map with robust infrastructure that is perfect for players new to Wurm Unlimited.

Mapping URL Base:

Special Delivery

The kingdom needs your help with delivering valuable goods on Liberty. Haven is running low on supplies so the kingdom sent out a ship with supplies to support them. However due to a troll blockade the ships can not directly deliver their cargo to Haven and instead will drop them off further away and then deliver them via wagon. The kingdom now needs your help as its rumored that there will be multiple troll ambushes on the way to Haven. A convoy has been established. It will leave from the whitelight on Saturday the 22nd of February at 20:00 UTC heading towards Haven.

Ivan's Folly Rift

Another rift has erupted at Ivan's Folly!

I will be hosting the event at a different time for others to be able to join.

Date and Time: Monday, January 13th @ 11pm UTC

Meeting Point: Ivan's Folly Rift Zone -

There will be no teleport!