Update 10/06/2023

Published Date: 
Friday, October 6, 2023 - 13:30

GMs can now automatically remove tower guards from towers in case a tower needs to be destroyed or moved.
Hero GMs can now cross servers using the wand of teleportation
Fixed a bug when retrieving tabards causing Merry Christmas to be shown when it is not Christmas
Added new wagon without canvas (open wagon)
Added new wagon with Wagoner skin
Added tabard with skin Apocalypse Order
Added tabard with skin Legion of Anubis
Added new tabards to the shop
Added new wagons to the shop
Fixed an operating system kernel problem, causing all game servers to crash last week
Added zombie waxing model
Added Danky's sermon tracker, which can be accessed by right-clicking an altar. It will help you to manage sermons ingame. A guide will be posted for this feature.