Update 10/01/2018

Published Date: 
Monday, October 1, 2018 - 09:15

All ships and boats should be faster now.
Added new discord verification system.

New Discord verification system: (Big Thanks to Michiel for this cool Bot)

How to be verified on the Sklotopois discord:

For character verification between the server and discord just type /discord in the INGAME chat. You will receive a key in the event tab, which you just need to post in the #verify-me channel on discord. 

Your account then will be verified instantly without any delays, the line you can paste looks like this: 
(Key is only valid for 5 minutes then you need to type /discord again)

[19:12:43] Sklo e4ffdff732455e45661d1afafdf6f37a4558fbccd

(Timestamp can be included)
Our bot will assist you in the whole process.