Update 02/27/2021

Published Date: 
Saturday, February 27, 2021 - 12:45

Removed the only one sign per week outside of settlements limitation.

Erupt and freeze in the Path of Power now have only 1 hour cool down and do not need a mag domain anymore.

Added server abbreviation to all GL-Freedom messages. eg. <Dominikk> (Nov) ...

Minedoors can now be used on 2-3 tile wide mine entrances, bear in mind that they are 2-3 individual mine doors permissions are not synced.

You can now brand animals while they are hitched.

You can now plan structures with a trowel.

You can now use and repair large anvils in your inventory.

Enchanted Grass, Lawn and mycelium lawn can now be be cultivated.

You can now repair the chair types (high chair, throne, chaise, paupers, fine high chair, lounge) while in a container or inventory.

You can now improve horned helmets.

You can now plant more than one throne per tile.

Huge oil barrels can now be secured.

Removed some GM actions which led to accidental island transfers.

Added a disembark command /disembark.