Sklotopolis Bug Bounty Program

Published Date: 
Saturday, January 13, 2024 - 19:45

Greetings, fearless adventurers of Sklotopolis! We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Bug Bounty Program, a quest for intrepid players like you to embark on a journey of discovery and improvement. Your keen eyes and sharp minds can now help us fortify the realm against the elusive bugs that may be lurking in the shadows.

How it works:

Every player who discovers and reports a bug which can be confirmed shall be rewarded with a treasure – the Julboard! This unique item ensures your sustenance in the game by magically replenishing your food and water supplies.
However, you will not receive the julboard forever. As per vanilla Wurm Unlimited mechanic julboards will vanish at the end of December of each year when Christmas is over. So this will be a temporary treasure as reward for finding a bug. The julboards can be placed one time and will never be moved by GMs. You are also not allowed to trade, sell, or give them away.

Additionally, if the reported bug is a security issue which either gives you access to our server environment or gives you access to other people's accounts, items, skills, houses, deeds, permissions, character informations etc. you will be rewarded with up to 10 shop items of choice depending on the impact of the reported bug.