Inside Sklotopolis - A Development Blog

Published Date: 
Thursday, April 9, 2020 - 12:00

Sklotopolis has always been using modern technology to provide both a fault tolerant and stable systems for our players. But of course even our system is not perfect at all, there are outages and other errors that happen even on Sklotopolis. The Sklotopolis network is a private cloud environment hosted in Frankfurt (Germany) and has access to modern DDOS protection, fault tolerant network connections and a battery backed up power supply. So in theory there isn't anything which can go wrong, is it? Well of course there is, hardware outages, errors in the Wurm server application and human errors like scripts which fill up the disk space can't be prevented completly.

For these cases we are using an enterprise monitoring system giving us insight in all our servers, as checking them by hand would be an impossible task, there are far too many hosts and services inside the Sklotopolis network as we could check them every few minutes.

This is where our monitoring system kicks in!

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