Winter Impalong 2018 - 1st on Novus

Friday, January 12, 2018 (All day)

Hello fellow Novus Players,

This is mostly a placeholder for now and full information will come together in the next week or so, since it is Thanksgiving week here and I'm busy with family.

What's an Impalong? 

It is an event where you can bring your items to be improved up to (at least) 50ql for free.  We will not create items, only improve ones supplied.  There will be limits to what can be dropped off (see below).

Where is it?

Near the White Light on Zheddmar Docks deed

Impalong site is under construction.

What else can I expect at the Impalong?  

There will be many stations available to work at to hone most skills.
There will be regular sermons taking place to up your faith. See Sermon Rules below for more details!
We will host a few mini games such as an Archery Contest, House Building Competition, Human Maze, Scavenger Hunt, and more!
...and of course Prizes!!!

Impalong Rules:

These rules are created with the intention of sparing our helpers and not burning them out, as well as to ensure we have enough mats to go around. There is no doubt going to be a lot of new players on Novus who would like to participate. While we would love to cater to everyone's total submissions, it's more fair to ensure everyone gets something. and that everyone has fun!

We are enstating a tiered system with regards to who can cash in on getting their items improved. We will execute improvements in the following order. The goal is to ensure Tier 1 gets taken care of first.  Tiers 2 and 3 are optional in the grand scheme and at the discretion of the helpers.

Tier 1 = Main Characters

Tier 2 = Alts

Tier 3 = Special Items (i.e. moon metals / higher QL i.e. 70)

We are aiming for a threshold quality of 50ql in the first round, meaning every 20+ ql item that gets dropped off, will get improved to 50ql. We can revisit this later on if time permits, materials are available, or helpers are able to do it.

Equipment Submission Rules:

One (1) set of tools per character.

Minimum of 20ql per item submitted.

Item must be labeled by character desiring improvement.

We will not be creating any items at the event. Please either bring your item with you, or create it at the event to at least 20 ql.

Enchanting Limits:

Limited # of enchant attempts per item (probably 2 per) with the goal of at least a 30 power added. Any higher is a bonus.

Limited # of items enchanted per person.  You are allowed 5 items and 1 weapon to start.

No horseshoes.

No alts items will be enchanted unless time permitting.

Sermon Rules:

There will be a Sermon Rotation List that will be strictly followed. Priests can perform a sermon every 30 minutes, with each individual priest being every 3 hours.

Please wait your turn in the Sermon Rotation! If you deviate from this, you will be reported to staff and disciplinary action will be taken. Do not ninja a sermon slot, it will end badly for you!

The Sermon Rotation List will be managed by an Impalong Staff member, who rotate in shifts to ensure order is intact.

If you are AFK for your slot, we will wait 5 minutes for you to answer before skipping your turn. At which point, you will be moved to the back of the line.

Stay Tuned for more detailed information as it builds this week!