Burning Love Party

Sunday, February 16, 2020 - 18:00

Come join us this Valentine's Day weekend for our Burning Love party. This is one hot Momma that always brings-the-life to the party. While you were in the basement this Valentine's Day, Alexstrasz has been locked away in a cave and she is ready to let some lucky person get to the warm center of her lava cake. This might be the only chance you get to have someone swipe right, and unlike the last three to do so, Alexstrasz won't ghost you. 

So grab a bag of discounted Valentine's Day candy (or five... we won't judge - unlike your last date) and come join us for some 
Burning Love! And as if your current relationship status was not sad enough, we're even doing a throw back to high school! Come join us on the dance floor; we'll even take out the pressure of getting rejected for a date - they are included! One lucky guy or girl (it's 2020 - I'm not making any assumptions here) will have a chance to get crowned King of the party. This might be your only chance to get lucky this Valentine's Day and reap the "special" benefit that this honor brings. Don't forget to bring your best pair of dance shoes because this party is going to be on fire with some Burning Hot Love!

And if the above is not seductive enough we might even throw in a few treats and sweets to get you in the mood (due to current on-going litigation I will be unable to provide Barry White* at this event). But we all know the real reason you'll show up to this hot and heavy party. Come be the marshmallow to Alexstrasz's fudge fondue! Join us for the Burning Love party!