The Novus server, launched on October 7th, 2017. A relatively untouched 4k x 4k wilderness awaits for the players to explore on this new node in the Sklotopolis cluster!

Mapping URL Base:

Novus Alert Red Dragon

Seeing that the goblin leader and the white dragon melted under our delayed might. I think we are ready for something a little stronger: The Alert Red Dragon!

But I feel I need to get this out of my system:

When the dragon dies, please back away from the corpse immediately!

If you take the corpse, loot any of the drops or otherwise disturb the corpse you will be removed from the raffle. You will potentially face sanctions from the GM team.

Failure to read the rules is not a defense.

Trappers: Karth, Wrecked

Winter Impalong 2018 - 1st on Novus

Hello fellow Novus Players,

This is mostly a placeholder for now and full information will come together in the next week or so, since it is Thanksgiving week here and I'm busy with family.

What's an Impalong? 

It is an event where you can bring your items to be improved up to (at least) 50ql for free.  We will not create items, only improve ones supplied.  There will be limits to what can be dropped off (see below).