Update 09/28/2019

Published Date: 
Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 09:15

You can now analyse shards while they are on ground.

Actions like digging, flattening, leveling, cultivating, creating of any item and some more actions can now be done while mounted.

Fixed a sleep bonus bug where the QL of the bed was not added correctly.

Owner of structures will now be displayed on examine.

You can now plant catseyes by right clicking on the tile instead of the corner.

Catseyes can now be planted without permissions on deeds.

You can now harvest all planters in a rack at 30 gardening skill.

You can now plant all planters in a rack at 50 gardening skill.

Sowing, Farming, Harvesting and Cultivating can now be done in a bit bigger radius at higher skill levels. Note that for compensation the speed might be slower than doing it tile by tile.

You can now plant multiple catseyes at once by activating a container with catseyes in it and right clicking on a tile corner.