Update 04/06/2020

Published Date: 
Monday, April 6, 2020 - 12:45

We are fishing once more! The old fishing system has been completly recoded in the programming language Kotlin and is now activated. You need old fishing rods or old fine fishing rods to fish the old way using also the old parts as before the fishing change. The new fishing system is completly untouched from this change.

Dirt dug on vehicles is now going directly into the vehicle.

Dirt created while leveling on vehicles is also going directly into vehicles.

During leveling on vehicles the dirt in the vehicles is used.

Also dirt form crates inside the vehicles will be used for leveling.

There have been reports that a small minority of people is doing their best to use multiple steamids in raffles and so on, so we had to put in an IP limit for raffles and unique loots. You can no longer use more than 2 steamids per IP from now on.

Sadly the 3rd party voting website we are using is getting more and more unreliable forcing you to view ads and often doesn't register your vote correctly in the API, so we have to decrease the voting bounty to 15c. In compensation we are working on a referal system, which will reward people who brought new players to Sklotopolis. Both the refered player and the refering player will receive a reward.

Next things we plan to look into is distant rendering and 3rd person view on the client side. We will see how things work out, can't promise much at this point.