Clarification on Deed Rules

Published Date: 
Sunday, April 12, 2020 - 11:30

Good morning!

Since there have been questions regarding the deed situation especially when 2 deeds are coming close to eachother I want to give some guide on what is allowed and what is not.

First of all if you want to deed over some land in the future deed over it NOW or put a perimeter over it NOW, don't wait. You only own the land on your deed and the land in your perimeter is reserved for you. At no point you own any rights for the land around your deed outside your perimeter, that means if someone decides to build perimeter on perimeter next to your deed border then this does NOT count as greifing and is totally fine. You are not allowed to block your neighbour just because he is building too close to you in your opinion, you don't own the land so he is not building too close to you. Also offdeed buildings close to your deed are allowed even if they prevent you from expanding. (But there are limitations read below!)

You can NOT reserve a whole mountain just by putting a single small deed on the top of it. You have no rights for the land outside your perimeter. Social distancing is not a thing in Wurm Unlimited, so everyone is allowed to build close to you.

If a new neighbour is building close to you welcome her/him and try to work together and build something together. From my own experience I can promise you that playing Wurm together with the mayors around you and winning them as friends makes a lot more fun than fighting against eachother.

Still there are some limitations, which are considered greifing of course.

If one unique person or unique family (steamid and IP) deeds extremly close to your deed in more than 1 direction (North, East, West, ....) just to block you completely then this is considered greifing, the deeds will be disbanded without further notice and the players will be banned for 3 - 7 days.

If there are offdeed buildings built extremly close to your deed only intended to block you, then this is considered greifing and those buildings will be destroyed without any further notice and the owner of the buildings will be banned for 3 - 7 days.


BUT: Just because you are allowed to build very close to another deed doesn't mean you have to, if you want to be a good neighbour and if you want to make Sklotopolis a good place, try to contact the owner of the deed you want to deed close to first and ask them how close you are allowed to build. This week I spent about 5 hours just working on greifing tickets and thinking about ways to prevent them. This also means 5 hours less which I could spend with developing new mods like distant rendering and 3rd person. So if you want to help Sklotopolis and if you want to help me, then please make sure nobody will report you for greifing, be nice and "be distant". Greifing tickets are really complex and need a lot of time, which is missing in our developement process in the end. And please NEVER EVER try to stretch the rules and do something which is considered grey area.