Earn Coin by Building

Automated Ways:

You will receive karma for being online, for one account per steamid

Working for money:

Projects will be paid every week.

For Liberty players:

In order to earn silver coins by building towers create a thread here: http://sklotopolis.freeforums.net/board/6/earn-silver-coins
There are no more road/tunnel payments for Liberty. Only towers.

For Novus players:

In order to earn silver coins, by building towers, roads and tunnels create a thread here: sklotopolis.freeforums.net/board/29/earn-silver-coins



"Name of the Project" - "Type of Project" - "responsible player"
Example: "Riverside infastructure - tunnel&road with towers - Skloo" 


Amount of tiles/towers
picture with the course of the road and tower position.(pls use the livemap): prntscr.com/8xedzi
name of the deed that is closes by or some coordinates

Now you can start building and the person stated in the header will receive the money, once inspected by a GM.


To help you getting started we will pay you for building roads or tunnels (This will give you coins for deeds and items and support the server with a great infrastructure).

We will give you 1 silver per 15x2 tiles road, 1 silver per 15x2 tunnel and 5s per tower
*tunnels will be paid once they are finished

Roads, tunnels and towers will get paid on the weekends and need to fit the following requirements.


Requirements for the road: (Novus)

  • paved with cobblestone, marble, slate, brick, etc ... NO gravel!
  • at least 2 tiles wide
  • max slope = 20
  • tiles next to eachother need to have the same slope
  • Catseyes on every tile corner (in the middle of the 2 tiles wide road)

Requirements for the tower: (Liberty & Novus)

  • atleast 50QL
  • next to a road (road needs to be 2 tiles wide, tiles borders next to eachother need to have the same level, etc)

Requirements for the tunnels: (Novus)

  • 2 tiles wide
  • Reinforced cave walls on left and right side on every tile
  • Reinforced cave floors on every tile
  • Catseyes on every tile corner (in the middle of the 2 tiles wide road)

Asking for payment of road sections/towers that have not been done by yourself (or a friend of yours who is ok with it) will disqualify you from all Road/Tower Payments on all Sklotopolis servers.

If you get caught it's over, there will be no pardons or second chances. This rule counts for all Roads/Towers created from day one on!

If you have been punished and still try to bypass this rule in any way (through another Account/friend for example) YOU and your partner in crime will be BANNED from all Sklotopolis servers.

*punishment might differ from case to case...
**there will be no punishment if it's obvious to me that it was a mistake.