Novus Alert Red Dragon

Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 20:00

Seeing that the goblin leader and the white dragon melted under our delayed might. I think we are ready for something a little stronger: The Alert Red Dragon!

But I feel I need to get this out of my system:

When the dragon dies, please back away from the corpse immediately!

If you take the corpse, loot any of the drops or otherwise disturb the corpse you will be removed from the raffle. You will potentially face sanctions from the GM team.

Failure to read the rules is not a defense.

Trappers: Karth, Wrecked

Meeting Point

Host: Karth

Tank(s): Azmodeus

Healer(s): Monkeythree

Loot Tracking

We won't be taking any more donations for now, so if you were thinking about donating something save it for the next event!

Please read the following information:

In order to ensure an orderly event, all players are required to assemble 15 minutes before the event start, so the staff members can generate the raffle list.


You are welcome to arrive by wagon but please park it at the parking area! There are always plenty of people with carts that have room for passengers or you can unhitch a horse and fight on horseback. We need to be able to see what we are doing.


Hell horses can parked in the parking area as well.

Important note for campers. To save the nature, please put your tents only in the camping area.

An other option is, you use the event teleport (/eventteleport), which opens 30 minutes before the event. Please make sure in this case that you have enough karma points to get back home.

Fight Skill doesn't matter to attend (everyone is welcome to help), though we need a lot of skilled / equipped players to actually be successful at feel free to work on your fight skill while waiting for the event.


If you are a Fo priest, please link with our main healer. If the main healer cannot accept any more links link with the secondary healer listed above, or watch for any instructions in local.


We tried a few new things to optimize the event for all, so it's a little bit easier.

Please wait outside the gate of the fighting area and take the unique in your target as soon is possible. we expecting many people there so take revenge on each other. If you have the unique in target, stay back and give other people the same chance.

To begin of the fight, only the tanks and the healer are inside the area. When the tanks give the start command, the GMs will destroy the gate and you can hit the unique. If you require healing, back out of the fight for a moment and wait for the next heal or say something in local for a heal if it is urgent. If you die then that is what your tent was for, run back to your body and jump straight back into the action.

When the unique dies, please back away from the corpse immediately!

If anyone has any questions just reply in this thread, message me, or ask in game. Thanks!