Community Event: Goblin Leader Slaying

Saturday, December 30, 2017 - 21:00

Capturing Team: Danky and Snidor

Meeting Point:  Event Arena South

Host: Wrecked

Tank(s): See Loot Sheet for Roles

Healer(s): See Loot Sheet for Roles

Loot Tracking

WE HAVE A STRICT ANTI WAGON POLICY. #getyourwagonoutofmyface


  • You are welcome to arrive by wagon but please leave it at the campsite.
  • There are always plenty of people with carts that have room for passengers or you can unhitch a horse and fight on horseback.
  • We need to be able to see what we are doing.

Fight Skill doesn't matter to attend (everyone is welcome to help), though we need a lot of skilled / equipped players to actually be successful at feel free to work on your fight skill while waiting for the event.


If you are Fo, please link with our main healer.


Please listen and follow the instructions of your event coordinators closely. When everyone is ready, we will bring the Goblin Leader to the fighting location and once the tanks are happy it is aggro'ed on them they will tell you when to start. If you require healing, back out of the fight for a moment and wait for the next heal or yell in local for a heal if it is urgent. If you die then that is what your tent was for, run back to your body and jump straight back into the action. 

When the Goblin Leader dies, please back away from the corpse immediately! One of the leaders will be working on managing the loot to distribute to the main characters in attendance. 

If anyone has any questions just reply in this thread, message me, or ask in game. Thanks!